Privacy Policy

My Commitment to Your Privacy

Hello and welcome to my privacy policy (sounds important eh). If you’re reading this you’re probably well into keeping information on yourself top secret/got super click happy whilst browsing my site/you’re a geek on data protection/just plain nosey. Whatever the reason, rest assured I am totally committed to keeping your privacy private… does that even make sense?! Here is Ayesha Rahman Photography’s commitment to the GDPR:

What Information I Collect

You’re hopefully here in the search for a wedding photographer and so if that’s the case I need a few details off of you to be able to get in touch so we can chat wedding shizzle. My website doesn’t store any information on you so there’s no need to worry on that front.  When you Say Hello through one of my contact forms on the website I ask for:

Name – this is always useful to know for when I write back to you unless you want me to make one up then that’s fine too;

Telephone number – usually so I can let you know by text that my email reply that I have lovingly composed has ended up in your junk folder or if I need to call you to let you know I’m on my way on the wedding day;

Addresses – so I can turn up to your wedding day and take some photos and send you stuff you’ve paid for afterwards;

Email – given this is probably the easiest way to reply to your original request and you know because I kind of need to know what’s happening on your big day so I can rock up where I need to;

Bank Details – only kidding!

What I Do With This Information

Basically sell it all to the highest bidder… only messing. I don’t have a fancy-pants system that stores all of your data yet (but will be sure that they are GDPR complicit sorry compliant when I do) so your details come through on an email which I access on my laptop or phone which are both password protected with something that isn’t my cats name. I have a spreadsheet (old school I know) where your details get transferred to and I mark off when you book me, when contracts are sent, when I need to get in touch so you can hand over your monies, when I need to send you a form to fill out with what’s happening on the wedding day, timings, to make sure I’m getting fed on the day and all that jazz. If you’ve booked a second shooter I will pass on the form which you’ve filled out with all the info on about your wedding day which includes your phone number so that they can find you/call you if they need to/know what’s happening. If your wedding is the bees knees it may get some attention from wedding blogs and they may ask to feature your day. If that happens you would always need to agree to this happening so you’ll definitely know about it.

If I’m feeling remotely organised and ahead of the game with taking and editing photos I might even get around to sending you a promotional email about stuff I might be thinking of doing or offering to my clients, it might be something like a print/album offer. However you are more likely to find me sipping on a gin or off on holiday when I have spare time.

Right to Access, Rectification and Erasure

Your rights under GDPR and actually your rights from previous haven’t really changed. If you wanted to access what information I hold on you, you can get in touch and pop along to my home and check out what’s there. To be honest it’s not much and probably a huge waste of both of our time, but you can if you want. If you want me to amend or delete anything you’ll need to request this in writing so I know what it is you want. You probably won’t ask me to do that though because if you want me to delete everything I have on you I definitely won’t know where I need to be for your wedding day which sucks. Once I’ve delivered your images you can of course ask me to bin you off. Just try and drop me gently please.

How I Use Photos of You

As a photographer I take lots of awesome images of you which you then gush over afterwards. Aside from delivering these images to you I do also share some of the images on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my website. You probably found me through one of these channels so you can appreciate how important it is for my business. I do ask your permission to share these in my contract but if you don’t want anything to be shared for whatever reason then of course I will respect that, I just need to know about it in advance. By booking a wedding photographer for your day I assume that your guests are absolutely fine for me to take images of them but if say your Auntie Gerty works for MI5 and doesn’t want to be photographed and makes me aware, I won’t take any photos of them. Simples. Plus it’s your responsibility to make sure your guests are okay to be photographed. There aren’t any hard and fast rules about photographs being data within the GDPR though so I think we’re good as we are.

3rd Party Suppliers

I work with a few suppliers who provide lots of lovely eye candy for you like prints and albums. Usually I get them to send everything to me first and then I send them back out but occasionally I may need to ask my suppliers to ship directly to you. I understand the suppliers I use are also compliant with GDPR and will not be signing you up to any dodgy websites.

GDPR Compliance

I try and keep up to date with the latest legislation (usually it’s when I see the mass panic in various photography groups I’m part of) and I’m proactively working towards being fully GDPR compliant. Obviously if the EU decide to change everything which means I have to revisit this and make loads of changes, I will do my best but if it’s during wedding season then it’ll just have to wait… because lovelies you and your photos come first!