6 months ago I came across a cryptic email from the gorgeous Fay asking me to meet up with her for a chat… Now I first met Fay last Summer when she was bridesmaid for one my lovely brides Laura when we got chatting and realised that I used to work for Julie Perry Events which is the same company she works at as an events manager – small world! We met up a few weeks later at the amazing Great John Street Hotel and caught up over a couple of vinos. We were also joined by Clarky, Fay’s other half. After catching up Fay decided to let the cat out of the bag and tell me why they had asked me to meet with them. I have to say I actually squealed out loud when I heard what they were planning. They had decided to organise a surprise wedding where nobody but their parents would know about it until the big day itself!!! How mega is that?! They wanted me to be their wedding photographer for this momentous occasion. Needless to say I was blown away!! 6 months in the planning and I had to keep my lips well and truly sealed. When we met up to do their pre-wedding shoot I knew I couldn’t post anything but I had a little brainwave and decided to take cryptic photos of the two of them hiding their faces – you may remember a little preview on my Facebook page. We had loads of fun with this shoot around one of my favourite haunts, the Northern Quarter in Manchester.

The big day arrived in February and it was absolutely blinking awesome with a cherry on top!! I’ll be sharing that lovely little post very soon. In the meantime enjoy the pre-wedding shots and if you really can’t wait for the full blog post of the wedding you can check out a little preview here. x